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At boobam we create innovative, quality, stylish products for the ecoconscious consumers that want to take steps towards a greener, plastic free, lifestyle that benefits not only them, but also the planet. We believe that a responsible company can and should be the carrier of the change its customers want to create.

Our why is the power of your choice

The dynamic duo of single use plastic cups & straws fight is HERE

Your favorite cold or hot drink - Updated

The best looking and performing 2-1 reusable cup with straw and/or sip cap to never use a single use plastic cup and straw again. Our Planet 🌍 needs your boobam cup!

Everywhere - Everything up to 24H cold or hot

The most stylish bottle and the last one you’ll need to save our planet from single use plastic bottles! Our Planet 🌍 needs your boobam bottle! 

Straw the right way not the plastic way

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boobam shaving care

Planet🌍Heroes it is time to upgrade your shaving needs without the plastic waste. The best shave of your life - zero waste covered!

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boobam dental kit

Everything a (or 2) Planet🌍Hero dreams now in a heavily discounted kit!

Get the boobam starter dental kit for only 29,99€ discounted from 52,99€ and make an exciting green gift for 2 friends, family, you 2 or just to yourself!

boobam starter dental kit contains

 2 boobam ID with your name or message

 1 boobampaste with activate charcoal
 1 boobam floss in bamboo charcoal or silk fiber
 2 boobam stands holders

 2 boobam pouch to carry your brush
 2 boobam tags to show your Planet Hero identity

🏷️Discount of 40%

🚚Free delivery

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Eat & Drink on the Go - And Plant a Tree in between


boobam cutlery set

You are an outgoing and/or working Planet 🌍 Hero?

Don't worry, we hear your "eco" thoughts! Now eating away from your kitchen doesn't mean plastic waste. With this boobam portable cultery set all your eating and drinking "tools" are covered!

boobamspork-ice cream


Hey Planet 🌍 Hero please don't use single use plastics.

You need a knife? Or you need a spoon? Maybe a fork? 

Just get your boobamspork!

boobam dental care

boobam shaving care

boobam kitchenware

boobam bathroom essentials


Want to floss but to toss? We've got you covered! Zero-waste flossing with boobamfloss in bamboo charcoal or silk fiber options. Keep the glass container and get the refills for great savings in waste and your pocket!


Meet your "green" personalized toothbrush-Be a Planet🌍Hero

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boobam limited 2-pack edition


The Official WWF Toothbrush

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With the power of bamboo charcoal - boobampaste

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Detox your skin in the most natural and zero-waste way! This loofah sponge is the first known bath & massage device in the world. The ancient secret to increase blood circulation and remove dead skin.


Your New Personalized Everyday Companion

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4 ways to enjoy your tumbler

Get the boobamtumbler recipe book

See How Maria Fights Plastic Waste

Plant a Tree with your Order

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Real score from real customers

Our customer satisfaction survey gives boobam a World Class NPS score. We are truly humbled and passionate to serve you and our planet! -Powered by Customer Guru-

Customer Reviews

I love it! It's the best toothbrush I've used, by far, and I like the fact that I'm contributing a little something for a better environment. And last but not least (because color is very important to me), I like that I can choose from a variety of trendy colors!rs.

Eleni B.

gVery good and fast service at eshop. I got the straws ... very good! I got the toothbrushes .... much better brushing than toothbrushes from the supermarket ...I also got a gift ... the swabs for the ears ... and it's very good.I hope to find other products soon .... I wish you every success!

Andrea K.-R.

Love my planet 🌎 excellent brush love it💗

Evi V.

soft, durable & as eco friendly as it looks. one more reason to smile.. grin if you're green

Dimitria I.

These guys produce great quality materials with great design and they are eco friendly too! I totally recommend them! Be a Planet 🌎 Hero

Michael L.

Why boobambrush?

The boobambrush is the first personalized, 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrush.

Choose your size,color and bristle type and even put your name on it!

The boobambrush is 100% biodegradable.

Made from bamboo is 100% eco-friendly from the handles,to the bristles, to the packaging.

The boobambrush is durable.

Each brush last 3+ months. Natural bristles are made of charcoal bamboo and Style bristles of high quality biodegradable Nylon-4.

The boobambrush is an act of green activism for everyone.

Except your small green step for less use of plastic you support the work of WWF and/or the One Tree Planted organizations.

The Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush Your Whole Family Will Love To Use

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