Dorco Platinum Blades

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Planet Heroes please welcome your zero waste shaving!
This pack of 10 blades will give you from 6-12 months (depending on your shaving frequency) of shaving excellence when installed to your boobamrazor C or X models.
✔️Package Contents:  10 Dorco Platinum Blades
✔️Platinum blades are covered with Double Coating which provides a softer shave and corrosion resistance
✔️These advances blades have a thinner & finer edge which effortlessly cuts through hair with less skin-irritation & weepers
✔️Dorco is the trusted name to bring significant advancement in shaving performance & softness
Blade lasts for 10-15 shaves depending frequency and shaving style.
When the blade is not effective anymore you can recycle it leaving no waste.




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