boobam sponge

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It is time to bring nature into everyday bath or kitchen activities. A planet hero has to stay away from synthetic sponges that ends up in landfills and oceans.

Our natural organic loofah sponge is hand-picked and of premium quality from private farms in high altitudes near the sea.


100% pure premium natural loofah, plant tubular fiber structure, fine ,clear and tough, it is a natural care-tool for skin. Length is +/-10 cm 

Loofah is an ancient sponge and the first known massage device. The sponge is used for bath, rubbing body and back and gentle exfoliation. It will not stimulate your delicate skin, the skin will be cleaned thoroughly & remove excess grease and dirt effectively. boobamsponge also can promote skin circulation, ensuring that your skin becomes rosy, smooth and radiant.




You can use boobamsponge as a body bath sponge, please choose the round option or you can use it for kitchen use, please use the flat option.

Loofah sponge has a strong ability to absorb water. It becomes soft when it is swollen with water, moistened it with warm water before use, add a little shower gel or soap to wipe the skin gently, it will occur a lots of bubbles.

You can also use boobamsponge for dry scrubbing with multiple benefits such as stimulating blood circulation, improving the lymphatic system, reducing cellulite, exfoliating and more.

It is equipped with a cotton lanyard for easy hanging and drying to prevent bacterial growth and also for a comfortable grip.


If you use are sponge for body bath we recommend to change it after 2-3 months

For kitchen use you can use for as long as you want, it is durable and don't wear out easily.

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