boobambrush lite

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You can be a brush hero and give back to the planet by choosing the boobambrush lite (hint: you don't have to wear a mask).

We stripped off anything unnecessary, we kept everything necessary, we added a tree planted behind the purchase and we created the most compact, affordable, eco-friendly, high efficient and "giving back to earth" toothbrush there is to get.

The smooth, anti-slip handle to fight against the plastic waste problem while keeping your oral health at top notch! The durable, plaque-fighting and disinfecting charcoal bamboo bristle with thin shaped edges and the natural anti-bacterial protection of the bamboo wood will keep your teeth happy and shiny!

boobambrush lite - be a planet hero!


color: natural color with black bristle

dimensions: width 1.3 cm, length 19 cm (adult) 14 cm (kid)

material: handle of heat-treated bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber, and bristle in bamboo charcoal , known for its plaque-fighting and disinfecting properties, handle is 100% biodegradable which means it can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost or landfill, burn or use organic waste bins. Bamboo handle will biodegrade into soil, without pollution while hair is recommended to be removed from the head and be recycled for 0 environmental impact. Kid version uses extra soft natural bamboo bristles

healthy: antibacterial protection, fumigation/disinfection certificate, BPA free

practical: waterproof, anti-slip

durable: lasts 3+ months but the Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months.

usage: we recommend you rinse and dry your toothbrush after use to keep it clean.

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