boobam shaving bowl + brush

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Planet Heroes please welcome your zero waste shaving!
No more plastic shaving foam dispensers that harms earth.
This bowl + brush complements in stylish and practical way your boobamrazor C or X models.

✔️Handcrafted shaving brush, every brush hair need to go through 25 working procedures, cruelty free synthetic hair, with wonderful shape and no shedding, no terrible smell, stylish modern design aluminium handle.

✔️Stainless steel shaving bowl is a shaving soap dish built with the traditional shaver in mind. It is large enough to accommodate virtually any shaving soap size and shape or shaving cream and has room to use your shave brush to build a rich, thick, luxurious lather.

1.Soak brush into water
2.Gently brush on shaving soap or add a small quantity of shaving cream.
3.Use circular moves with brush in the bowl to create a rich, thick, luxurious lather.
4.Add a little water to make the foam creamy. If there are bubbles in the bowl that means the water is too much. Add extra shaving foam to balance.

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