Welcome to boobam

At boobam we create innovative, quality, stylish products for the ecoconscious consumers that want to take steps towards a greener, plastic free, lifestyle that benefits not only them, but also the planet. 
We believe that a responsible company can and should be the carrier of the change its customers want to create.

The boobam brush is the first 100% biodegradable, personalized bamboo toothbrush.

Choose your size,color and bristle type and even put your name on it!

The boobam brush is 100% biodegradable.

Made from bamboo is 100% eco-friendly from the handles,to the bristles, to the packaging.

The boobam brush is durable.

Each brush last 3+ months. Natural bristles are made of charcoal bamboo and Style bristles of high quality biodegradable Nylon-4.

The boobam brush fights.

With our 1 for 1% initiative we give back to the planet.For each toothbrush sold, one percent of its value is donated to non-profitable organization 1%ForThePlanet 


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Solving a 4,000,000,000 Waste Problem

There are more than 4 billion plastic toothbrushes produced every single year‚ĶWe know that you may think ‚ÄúOk nice to hear, that more than the half earth's population brushes their teeth‚ÄĚ.
You are right, that oral hygiene, is getting bigger awareness each year.
But wait a second…what about all this huge amount of plastic produced every year?
Is it recycled? The answer is yes…for only the 20% of it.
The massive 80%, we have discovered, that unfortunately ends up in landfills and oceans…every single year!!!To make it even worst, nature needs about 700 years to degrade a single plastic toothbrush.
That’s sucks right?
Yes but that’s not going to stop us from brushing our teeth.We agree but we couldn’t sleep ourselves once we knew about it.
So we had to find a sustainable ecofriendly solution to cut the excuses from switching to a green alternative.
And because you are reading this, it is no guess that we have found it...An alternative superior solution that beats the common plastic toothbrush in every aspect.
boobam brush is made out of 100% biodegradable bamboo which naturally provides a non-slip surface. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant on earth. It is naturally antibacterial which means that there is no need to use fertilizers or pesticides during its cultivation.The bristles are made of an innovative quickly biodegrading compound of nylon called nylon 4 which is BPA free.In addition the lightweight bamboo handle and the option for extra soft bristle in combination with a wide range of colors and smaller size, makes it perfect for kids to use while protecting their sensitive gum.
Above all, a boobam brush is a low-commitment, low-sacrifice baby step in green lifestyle activism and surely the coolest way to add the warmth of wood and the modernity of bamboo to your bathroom.
Be a boobam hero, fight plastic waste and save the planet!!!


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