boobam 100% biodegradable toothbrush for a greener lifestyle

The boobam toothbrush is a completely personalized toothbrush.

Choose your size,color and bristle type and even put your name on it!

The boobam toothbrush is 100% biogradable.

Made from bamboo is 100% eco-friendly from the handles,to the bristles, to the packaging.

The boobam toothbrush is durable.

Each brush last 3+ months. Bristles are made of high quality biodegradable Nylon-4.

The boobam toothbrush cares.

With our 1 for 1% initiative we give back to the planet.For each toothbrush sold, one percent of its value is donated to non-profitable organization 1%ForThePlanet 

The fun way to oral health through saving the planet!!!