boobambrush ID subscription

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A busy Planet 🌍 Hero? 

Then it's time for us to make things more simple for you, so you can focus where it matters most!

Create your personal subscription boobambrush in the color and bristle of your choice including your name or message engraved on it! You can even choose a surprise color and message for every next delivery!

Then we are going to deliver your new boobambrush every 1-6 months based your choice (we recommend 2-3 months), directly to your door! Free delivery Worldwide.

The subscription includes:

✔️1 boobambrush style ID of your choice, personalized with your name or message

✔️1 boobampouch with your first order.

🚚 Free Delivery for all recurring orders (10-40 days delivery time depending the country via box mail)

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