The major plastic waste problem explained and educated in under 5 minutes

Let’s Begin… Nurdles are the tiny, factory-made pellets that form the raw material for every plastic product that we use, from toys to toothbrushes. And while they look pretty harmless on land, they can really wreak havoc on our oceans. Kim Preshoff details the nurdles’quest for ocean domination, shedding light on the particular features that allow these pervasive polluters to persist for entire generations.


So why not to start now a low effort, low commitment, big impact buying behavioral change for the sake of us, our children and our planet? Recycle your old toothbrush and buy the 100% biodegradable bamboo boobam toothbrush you can just dispose at your backyard and let nature turn it into soil the next 3 months.

Go green now

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